FP e-Results

FP e-Result manager is designed to help you with your students’ academic results. It’s features are of great value to students, parents, teachers and school administrators.Unlike other traditional software, FP e-Resultsgenerates income for the school (see Financial Section).


  • fp e-Result is accessed through the internet using cloud technology
  • Students records are updated daily
  • Parents log into fp e-Result using access codes
  • Parents can only see their own child’s academic records
  • Efficient Student Academic Performance Tracking
  • Efficient and Timely End-of-Term Reports Processing
  • Efficient Academic Performance History

Our Understanding of your needs

Teachers Current Challenges

  • Not enough support from parents
  • Parents to participate more in their children’s education.
  • Parents to continuously monitor their children’s performance.
  • Students performance reduce after summer holidays.
  • Parents to arrange summer lessons for their children
  • Parents to stop expecting miracles at the end of the year

Parents Current Challenges

  • How did my child perform in the last assignment?
  •  Which subjects do my child need more assistance in?
  •  How is my child’s continuous assessment?
  •  How can I continuously monitor my child’s performance?
  •  When did my child start to deteriorate?
  •  The school is too far and I don’t have time to visit, why did my child fail? 

Value Proposition

Value to Teachers:

  • By just inputting marks/remarks into the fp portal, you get customized progress report cards with marks/grades/ remarks, class rank, etc.
  • Get rid of mundane clerical tasks like maintaining result register, calculating percentages of marks, etc.
  • Increased in parent’s participation
  • Improved results due to better parent monitoring & understanding
  • Provides time for more value adding activities

Value to School Administrators:

  • Get all the real time results from various classes online for data-driven decision making.
  • Additional Income
  • Reduces stationary cost due to non-printing of results & report cards
  • Better performance in external exams.
  • More efficient and productive teaching force.
  • No redundancy of work/data entry with centralized database system.

Value to Parents:

  • Get access to real time and online ward’s academic performance
  • Continuous monitoring of ward’s performance irrespective of location
  • Increases teacher’s productivity
  • Improved ward’s results due to better parent monitoring & understanding
  • Receives electronic ward’s report card through email
  • More productive use of the open day

Parents Overview screen

Here the parent has the opportunity to compare the child’s 3 terms performance on the same screen.

Students Report Card

Teacher’s overview screen